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Hi! I am Liliane Sklenarik - owner/artist of KaleidoQuilt.
The world needs more COLOR and I am the person to make that happen!


My mother always said I was "weird". I never followed the crowd. I danced to my own rhythm - beat my own drum and just didn't seem to care what others thought about me or what I was doing. I had my own vision on how things should be and simply set out to do them. My dear husband says I am "unique". I like the way he says it better!

I like having unique things in my life. I like doing unique things and I resonate with others that feel the same way. Some people look at me in Awe (and sometimes with raised eyebrows). I just want to inspire people to be themselves and not worry about what other people think.

I started quilting in 1988 using the "Quilt In A Day" quilt book by Eleanor Burns (Thank you Tina Stevens for loaning it to me). This was a good starting place and I made several Log Cabin style quilts until I got really tired of them. From then on, I would see a quilt and figure out how to make them myself. My engineering background and love of colors meld together perfectly for quilting. I strive to make something unique and exciting to the eye that will "POP" when you look at it. I have a keen eye for “Connecting Colors” - as my tag line says!

In October 2011 I decided to take my passion and make it a business – KaleidoQuilt. I work out of my home. I have turned my concentration over to quilting as an art form. It is my way to express myself with color combinations, shapes and fancy stitching.

I get bored making the same thing over and over, so I have made a wide variety of quilts. My "theme" is COLOR! I like the challenge of a new project. It makes me think and get creative. My quilt guilds often do "Challenge" quilts with a particular theme with guidelines and deadlines. I love figuring out how to make the "challenge" my own. Creating Unique Art Work is the ultimate challenge in every project I make. YOUR project could be my new challenge...let's talk about it shall we?

Quilt art is versatile (hang it on a wall, drape it over furniture, place on a table or use as a blanket) and easily changed with the seasons or your mood. You can purchase conversation starters that reflect your unique stylings.

I currently live in Holliston, MA USA with my wonderfully supportive husband and 5 incredibly spoiled chickens and one "princess" puppy.

If I can answer any questions about my Art, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you.

I am in 2 Quilt Guilds:

BVHQ - Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters -

TPQG - Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild -

I am in 1 Quilt Group:

RIRR - Rhode Island Round Robins